Clarry at work 2.jpg

Born in 1947, Clarry Neame grew up in Spring Creek, a small country village near the Wairau River in Marlborough, New Zealand. One of nine children, Clarry found his place and his self-expression through the love of drawing and painting as a young child of four years of age.

As a young lad, if Clarry wasn't playing sports or fishing he was drawing. It became a passion for him.

For three years, Clarry attended graphic art and design school at Wellington Polytechnic followed by a vibrant career spanning 25 years working in various aspects of the commercial art field. However, at the end of each working day he would always paint well into the night.

In 1970, Clarry married Helen, a wonderful, vivacious redhead and his staunchest advocate.

The transition to becoming a full time artist came about by Clarry being at home helping raise their two daughters Katy and Georgina, while pursuing a career as a freelance graphic artist. This period of time gave Clarry the impetus to paint full-time.

Clarry and Helen decided to return to Marlborough in 1992, where Clarry took the plunge to become a full-time professional artist and had been based at Hunters Winery since 1996.

For Clarry, painting is a consuming and absorbing profession that started when he was just a small boy. Hopefully, with continued success and good fortune he will continue along this journey, which for Clarry remains the exciting side of being creative.